YS08 Typist

YS08 Typist
  YS08 YS08A YS08D
No Arms    
Adjustable Seat Height
Adjustable Back Height
Adjustable Seat Tilt
Adjustable Arms  
Draft chair with Ring    
  YS08 YS08A YS08D
Seat Size 480W x 455D 480W x 455D  480W x 455D 
Back Size 450W x 480H 450W x 480H  450W x 480H 
Chair Height to Back 865mm – 995mm 865mm – 995mm  1040mm – 1170mm
Chair Height to Seat 480mm – 610mm 480mm – 610mm  695mm – 825mm
Seating Time 8 hrs+ 8 hrs+  8 hrs+ 
Carton Size 650 x 320 x 585 650 x 320 x 585  650 x 430 x 585 
Carton Weight 12.65kg 15.6kg 15.1kg
User Weight Rating 120kg 120kg 120kg
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Available Colours Black Black Black